On the basis of long experience in film and TV production we have built a professional team with many leading Czech actors and directors working in the industry. In the field of dubbing we have implemented a number of feature films, large-scale TV series, documentaries and soap operas. We have built a team of children dubbers.

We work with professional actors from the JK Tyl Theatre, and a number of excellent dubbers from Prague. Pilsen has previously been a nest of future dubbers, such as Barbora Munzarova, Katerina Hrachovcova or Martin Preiss, so it can be expected that we will educate such stars even today. For illustration, we cooperate with such actors as: Martin Stránský, Antonín Kaška, René Přibil, Viktor Vrabec, Andrea Černá aj.

We offer "turnkey" dubbing, which includes:

  • Translation of films or documentaries
  • Adjusting the dialogues and texts coding
  • Casting the roles and contracting actors
  • Direction for the Czech version
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering
  • DVD authoring and subtitle production