SPV, Ltd. is dedicated to the realization of Photovoltaic Power Plants in its entire scope starting with the administration of distribution company application
through the development of project documentation, the realization of the PV power plant, and finally the development of the first parallel connection process. Our company is the honorable owner of the professional certification in the area of "Photovoltaic System Electrician", "Charging Station Electrician", "PV power plant design" certification, as well as being a member of the Czech Photovoltaic Association, z. s.

Regarding to the projects size complexity being processed, we cover the requirements and administrative support of both the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic for micro resources and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic for larger projects. Our endeavor is to provide clients with comprehensive support in the most time consuming areas requiring administrative process knowledge. We are a cooperating company of corporate clients, e.g. EoN a. s., ProDoma Energo, a. s.; however, we also cover our own clientelle in the field of micro-resources, and small towns or municipalities commercial projects. As far as supplier companies are concerned, we again give preference to certified manufacturers of fastening systems in accordance with the client's requirements.